New Accounts - MSP


Hi all,

I posted earlier, but figured a separate thread would be appropriate.
I’m setting up new accounts in DUO, as we’re an MSP with several different clients on different domains.

We have our own domain administrator accounts for each client, so I assumed we could simply add our domain admin accounts and use the same mobile device for authentication… is that not the case??

Activate Duo Mobile

This form allows you to generate a new activation code for this phone’s Duo Mobile application. The Duo Mobile application allows the user to generate passcodes on their mobile device or authenticate via Duo Push.

Note: Generating an activation code will invalidate any existing Duo Mobile credentials for this device until it is activated with the new activation code.


The Duo Mobile activation is per Duo account. So, a device activated for one administrator in one of your client Duo customer accounts is not also activated for the same admin in a different customer account. They can use the same device, but need to repeat activation for each admin user account in a client’s Duo customer account.


  1. Joe is an admin and his email
  2. You have two clients (A & B) with separate Duo customer accounts that you manage on their behalf.
  3. You add the administrator to both the A and B customer Duo accounts.
  4. Joe activates Duo Mobile for push for the customer A account admin user.
  5. A “Customer A” account is added to Duo Mobile on Joe’s phone.
  6. Joe activates Duo Mobile for push for the customer B account admin user.
  7. A “Customer B” account is added to Duo Mobile on Joe’s phone (so now he has accounts for both A and B in the app on his phone).

Does that describe your scenario, or are you asking about something else?


That was perfect! Thank you very much - I was concerned that activating for one account, would deactivate my previous account.


Nope! I have ~25 different admin accounts in Duo Mobile right now (don’t ask me what it’s like to switch phones :D).