Need to enroll new user without access to compatible smartphone or tablet

I need to enroll in Duo, but I do not have access to a smartphone or tablet that is compatible with the Duo mobile app. I see that it is possible to use Duo with a landline or flip phone, but I do not see how to enroll without the app. Is it possible to enroll without the app? If so, where are the directions for doing so?

Hi kenwrites,

Yes, it is possible!

When you receive a Duo enrollment link via email, you may select “Mobile” as the type of device you are adding > enter the phone number > select “Other (and cell phones)” > then finally, Finish Enrollment.

Your Duo Administrator can also add this phone directly to your Duo user account:

Here is our guide that shows how you may now authenticate via Phone Call or SMS Passcodes:

I hope this answers your inquiry.

Take care!