Need to change accounts

We just bought a small company (8 users) using Duo on RDP on Server 2016. We want to continue with Duo, I’ve set up our company and added the users. All users on both previous and new company are set to Bypass. How do I change the account to our company on my Server?

Do I understand this correctly?

  • your company (A-Corp) bought another company (B-Corp) that has Duo RDP installed on their servers pointing to their B-Corp Duo customer account
  • your company has a separate A-Corp Duo customer account
  • you created Duo end users in the A-Corp Duo account to match the ones that existed in the B-Corp Duo account
  • you want to update the existing Duo installs on the B-Corp servers to point to the A-Corp Duo account (and probably close the B-Corp Duo account).

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Log into the A-Corp Duo Admin Panel and add a new Duo RDP application.
  2. Update the servers so that the Duo RDP application uses the new A-Corp RDP application info
    2a. One way to do this is to just uninstall Duo for Windows Logon from those B-Corp servers and reinstall it using the application key, secret, and API host from the A-Corp Duo application you created in step 1.
    2b. Another way to do this without reinstalling is to open regedit and change the IKEY, SKEY, and HOST values in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Duo Security\DuoCredProv manually for the installed software that way. This becomes effective immediately.
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This was very helpful, thanks!

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