Need the ECCN for the Client and server software

Please provide the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) for your…

  • DUO client software.
  • Duo Server (Admin Panel) software.


The ECCN may be 5D002.C (Unrestricted or Restricted (740.17(b)(1) or 740.17(b)(3) for Unrestricted OR 740.17(b)(2) for Restricted) OR…
May not be so controlled and have an ECCN of 5A992.c / Mass Market. The company would have to evaluate the product against the BIS (Bureau of Industry and Security) regulations.

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Hi there,

The Export Control Classification Number for Duo is EAR99. For more information or additional questions around this topic, please reach out to the Duo team by calling 866-760-4247.