Multiple users - duo free + lastpass


I’m looking and setting up my family with Duo + Lastpass, using the Duo Free account I’ve been using for a while. I have enrolled a second user and when I try to link their Lastpass account to Duo I get stuck on “please allow the pairing request on your mobile device to finish setting up authentication”.

I’ve tried deleting and recreating the application and creating a second application for this user without any luck. Duo + Lastpass does still work on my main account successfully. I have also tried to reactivate her phone without luck.

I feel like I’m missing something easy. What is it?


Hi joshL!

First, did you try the steps in this article? It sounds like you might have already tried but just double-checking.

To clarify, do you and the second user have separate LastPass accounts or are you sharing a Families or Team LastPass plan? You would only create a second LastPass application in Duo if the other user has their own single-user LastPass Free or Premium account.

If the other user has a separate LastPass account, you added the second Duo LastPass application information to that account (as shown here) to configure Duo within that other account before she tried to log in?

Did the other user have a different multifactor method enabled, and was that removed?


Thanks for the response! Looks like it might be a LastPass issue. I opened a ticket on Friday and am still in Tier1 Support script land. I’ll follow up if that fixes it.

That’s also great to know I need a separate app for each account. Each user has their own free LastPass account.


Looks like it was entirely a LastPass issue. They gave up and had me delete the entire account, and then it worked with a new account.

That was a good tip about a separate Application per LastPass free account - y’all should add that to the guide (if it’s not there already and I just missed it).

Thank you!