Multiple push requests for RD Gateway

I have recently implemented Duo for my Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway. For users everything is fine. However, as a network administrator, I am finding it quite annoying. In the space of a minute or less (I use RDCMan) I might connect to a dozen machines. Every single one of these will generate a push that I have to respond to.

Is there a configuration somewhere that I can enable, so that a successful push response would allow additional connections from the same user within a short period of time? It already made me prove who I am, at least it could remember that for a little while.

Hi @Pepper, welcome to the Duo Community! Thanks for sharing your question here. I understand you would like to approve multiple connections to RD Gateway from a single user in a given timeframe at once. This is not currently possible in Duo today. However, we do have a feature request open for this functionality, and our Duo Support team would be happy to assist you with adding your name to the request.

You might also look into the Authorized Networks policy as a potential way to accomplish what you’re after in the meantime.