Multiple Duo applications now support Windows Server 2019


Hello everyone, we wanted to share with you that the following Duo integrations for Microsoft products have been validated through testing and now fully support Server 2019.

Duo for Windows Logon/RDP:

  • Duo for Windows Logon versions 4.0 and newer are fully compatible with Server 2019.

Outlook Web App:

  • Duo for Outlook Web App versions 1.3.2 and newer are compatible with Server/Exchange 2019.

AD FS on Server 2019:

  • The inline Duo Prompt is blocked by the AD FS 2019 default Content Security Policy. Run the PowerShell command from this FAQ item to permit display of the Duo Prompt, but be sure to enter your actual Duo API hostname.

Remote Desktop Services:

  • Duo Authentication for RD Web version 2.3.0 and newer and Duo Authentication for RD Gateway 2.3.0 and newer are compatible with Server 2019.
  • Note that there are known issues with Duo and the Remote Desktop web client offered in Windows 2016 and 2019. Please continue to use the regular Remote Desktop client applications with Duo.