More Helpful Duo Resources


In addition to the Duo Community and our public documentation, we also have a thorough public knowledge base full of troubleshooting, best practice, and product information articles.

Here are some additional key resources we recommend you reference to help learn more about using Duo and resolve issues:

  • Liftoff Guide: Walks you through the key deployment stages​ when rolling out Duo, along with our best
    practices​ and key resources​ for each step of the way.
  • Policy Guide: Supplements our Policy & Control configuration documentation and shows how different combinations of policies can be used.
  • Help Desk Training Guide: Provide your help desk team with training and quick answers to address issues that your users may encounter when using Duo.
  • Status Page: Check the current status of Duo’s systems.
  • Product Release Notes: Subscribe to receive an email as soon as new Release Notes are posted within the community.