Monitor Duo on Exchange 2016 OWA servers

How do you monitor the health of Duo on all of your Exchange 2016 OWA servers? We have several and noticed that one wasn’t working (by chance) and therefore left us vulnerability to 1/4th of our traffic not going through Duo and Exchange exposed. Very poor design on the part of Duo in my opinion that you can have this happen.

Hi @JenORIX, this commonly occurs when Exchange installs an Exchange Cumulative Update (CU). You can read more about this, including the recommended steps, in the knowledge article “Why did Duo for OWA stop working after I installed an Exchange Cumulative Update (CU)?

If you’d like to monitor the two XML files that we write to in the event that any CU updates occur without your knowledge, we’ll be happy to share the file paths and a recommended file system monitoring tool with you via a DM.

Hey Amy,
Is there are reason those paths aren’t in the article you referenced?

Hi Ken,
Yes, those paths came from a support case solution, and we would want to validate further before making them public to ensure they work as expected for customers in various environments.

Are you experiencing a similar issue to OP?

Not yet… but my exchange boxes all have a SEIM agent because IIS is so chatty, so I can monitor those files “for free”… if I knew what they were…

I am seeing the “too many redirects” issue, and the published fix didn’t fix it, but there are also a couple of redirects that can happen in front of my Exchange boxes (reverse proxy and load balancer), and I’m working to remove them before I go further down that line of investigation.