Microsoft partner center

Anyone else seeing issues when going to manage their customers in office 365, getting prompted for Microsoft MFA?

We have been using Duo for years, but starting about a month ago we now get prompted for Microsoft MFA when going through the partner center to manage a customer’s o365 tenant.

Microsoft thinks the requests getting approved by duo are not getting encoded showing that an MFA prompt was met. They also seem to think this specific behavior is only happening to duo partners.

It sounds like this is due to the changes in Microsoft Partner CSP requirements. Please contact Duo Support for assistance with this.

Yes, it totally is, but neither Microsoft support nor Duo support has been able to identify the cause.

When you contacted Microsoft did they recommend you request a technical exception as described here: ETA Duo Support also should have been able to review this with you as well.

Yes, and we have been approved for the exception, but the Prompt still happens.

the only way I have been able to avoid the specific prompt when moving from partner portal into the client’s tenant is to switch to Microsoft MFA and have it prompt me at login to the o365 admin or partner portal upon first login.