Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Duo

Hi there,

I have successfully got Duo working with Azure AD using the integration guide here. Now I am trying to determine if the frequency of MFA request can be controlled for mobile devices? OWA prompts whenever you log in, but for o365 mail on a cellphone, once you multifactor it does not seem to prompt again. I’ve had it enabled on my account for about 2 months and have not had to multifactor since the initial setup. Is this working as intended, or is there an option in DUO or Azure that controls this?


Hi Cain,

It sounds like it’s working as intended, Duo will be prompted on each new sign in, and you can test by logging in on a different (or incognito) browser.

If you would like to increase the frequency that Azure prompts for a sign in you can use these setting to control the conditional access session lifetime

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile: