MFA to MSP Dashboards


We’ve just signed up and added Duo to our MSP security offerings. I would like to see Duo have the ability to SAML into other MSP dashboards. Umbrella is a good example, you can setup MFA at the customer level, but not at the MSP level. Aruba Central is another cloud based MSP services we would like Duo to work with.

Is there a Enhancement forum here?



Hi @StealthNet,
How you setup DUO with Umbrella at the customer level?, I tried that but when I try to connect to MSP dashboard I must pass DUO MFA and I just want DUO at customer level.

You have to go into the Customer to manage them, then go under Admin, Authentication and setup SAML.

I hope this helps

I did that , but when I try to connect to MSP dashboard DUO MFA is required, Must my user exist into local account? because It exist there,

Correct, you need a client account or your account at the customer level, do not use your dashboard account. For us I created our Company (along with our customers) under the dashboard company (so us twice) and create user accounts at the Company level.

Does this make sense?