MFA Options for Duo with RD Gateway


Hello, I’m looking for some clarification on using Duo with RD Gateway. Is it possible to use a hardware token with this application? I’ve got “push” working, but we might prefer users to use a hardware token such as Yubikey.



Hey there @healthci2,

RD Gateway does not currently offer any type of interactive user interface where your users would have the opportunity to type in a code. Because of this our RD Gateway integration only supports auto-push (or if push is not enabled on the default device auto-phone call).

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thanks for the response.


Hi there

Are there any plans to make this available in the future?


Hi Sensuki,

This is a technical limitation imposed by how RD Gateway does authentication, not a feature request. If the underlying authentication changes in the future we’ll definitely look into it!

If hardware token is a requirement for you, consider installing Duo Authentication for Windows Logon on your RD Session Hosts instead of Duo RD Gateway. When your users connect to the session hosts they’ll see an interactive UI that lets them choose any available 2FA option, including token passcodes.