MFA on Linux Virtual Machine login

I have set up duo MFA on the main windows computer I use and I’m attempting to set it up on my Linux VM that is on the same computer.

I have configured it all and set it up through a Unix Application, as instructed.

I tested an auth with a user with this command:

$ sudo login_duo -f myusername ‘echo “Hello World”’

And it works as expected, I get a push notification to my phone and log in.

However, when I log in to virtual machine or ssh from start up or a simple log in, nothing happens. I just go straight through after the sign in, no notification or prompt.

Can anyone help with this?

Hi @bd3 ,

It looks like you have implemented the login_duo integration type for Unix, which (only) supports ssh logins. Have you added ForceCommand /usr/sbin/login_duo in your ssh config as mentioned here?

For Virtual Terminal and GUI login compatibility, we recommend using the pam_duo integration type instead. Please see this KB article for more information.

Hope this helps!