MFA Implementation with Azure AD Self Service Portal - Password Reset for O365?


We currently have DUO 2FA implemented for Web Applications & RDP which is working fantastic. We would like to further use this with the Azure AD - Password Reset Tool to enable uses to reset their own passwords but required to receive a push notification/ or text etc using the DUO platform.

Does anyone know if this is possible or are we stuck to using Microsoft’s MFA solution?

Azure AD Self-service Password Reset

Password Reset Tool


Hi lani,

I suggest you confirm this with Microsoft, but it doesn’t look like there’s any way to add Duo to the reset process. I only see the Email, Mobile phone, Office phone, and Security questions options available in the Azure console. This corresponds with the options listed in the online SSPR documentation: It doesn’t even look like you could use an external RADIUS server (like Duo) as a reset verification method.

Thanks for trying Duo!


Thank you for you reply. I will do some more searching and check with Microsoft (if i ever receive a reply) :slight_smile: Wish me luck!