MFA for Office 365 E3

Good day. We have DUO MFA edition and have had it deployed for a while now, all working well. With the recent increase in 365 Credential phishing, it’s time to protect our 365 with DUO. We have a single AD domain and are a hybrid 365 implementation. Is DUO SSO the way to go? Reading the docs it looks really complex, is there a simpler method?


Hi @The_Penguin ,

Duo’s named integration with M365 is via Duo SSO, but you could also protect it if your M365 tenant is federated behind AD FS or Azure AD: Duo for Microsoft 365, Office 365, and Azure Active Directory | Duo Security

If you do not have Azure AD Conditional Access or AD FS, then Duo SSO would be recommended as this can leverage your existing Active Directory domain.

Please see Does Duo’s Single Sign-On for Microsoft 365 application support Exchange hybrid deployments using Hybrid Modern Authentication?

Hope this helps!

Thanks. We’re E3 so no Conditional Access. I finally finished setting up SSO. Maybe I’m getting old, but that was way too complicated. The good news, between the fatigue from the setup, and knowing that we’re better protected from users giving up their 365 creds to phishing, I’ll sleep well tonight. :slight_smile: