Meraki Client vpn working without DUO Prompt

Hi All,

Configure Meraki Client VPN with DUO as 2 FA. It works fine and user getting DUO prompt to login. But here facing an problem where user are also getting connected directly via Radius authentication to Meraki VPN without getting duo prompt.

Checked duo proxy logs no such logs of that user (bypassing duo) has been captured.

Please help here

Hi @Vishal ,

Are there any other RADIUS servers configured for use in the Meraki VPN config? If so, are any of these not Duo Authentication Proxy servers? It’s possible that the device is authenticating directly to actual RADIUS servers.

If only Auth Proxy servers are configured but you do not see any activity in the authproxy.log (with debug enabled), then performing a pcap would be needed to ensure RADIUS traffic is making its way to said Auth Proxy servers over the correct port.

Hope this helps!