Managing Group Policies for Applications via API

I don’t know if I’m looking closely enough or it’s just not there, but I can’t seem to find any way to retrieve or update an application’s group policies, only the application policy. Ctrl+f’ing through the API docs shows only two mentions of group policies and they’re both related to the admin event logging. I have years of applications built up with policies that need to be removed and I’d rather not have to resort to scraping the admin panel :slight_smile:

Hey Dumples! I’m the Duo Product Manager on our Policy team. Good news - we are releasing our policy api with CRUD functionality in public preview at the end of April. We hope to have a way to apply group policies to applications by the end of July this year.
Let me know if you want to be added to our early access program with the policy API so you can try it out before it is more broadly available.


Hi Cory,

I appreciate it, but due to time constraints I will have to pass. I will just scrape the API endpoints used by the admin panel instead.