Mac Safari 500: Internal Server Error

I have a user that’s having trouble signing in to our Office 365 tenant in Safari or the macOS Office apps. When they use Chrome, they authenticate and get the Duo prompt just fine. When they try and get to one of our Shibboleth protected sites in Chrome, they get the duo prompt just fine. However, if they try to sign in to the Office desktop apps or using Safari, they complete the Azure username/password screens just fine, but instead of getting the Duo prompt, they immediately get a “500: Internal Server Error”.

It’s almost like Safari has no trouble reaching Duo, unless it’s Azure that’s directing Safari to contact Duo.

I’ve checked their Safari settings, and JavaScript is enabled, and it’s also set to allow cross-site checking. I’ve also checked System preferences, and they do not have any sort of “Content & Privacy Restrictions” enabled.

Hi, I’m currently having the same problem. Were you able to find a solution?

Luck. I did another remote session (my 3rd or 4th over a period of a few weeks) and it suddenly worked. We didn’t change anything, so I have no idea why it started working. :slight_smile: