M365 logins and GoDaddy

I’m setting up app protection for M365 through GoDaddy. I can’t use SSO due to the fact GoDaddy already has the domain federated so I’m using custom security policies.

I’ve completed setup and am currently testing it. However, when logging into the 365 domain, it always redirects to the GoDaddy login screen. I suspect this is why the custom policy is not working.

Anyone else ever try to setup 365 application protection when federated with GoDaddy?

Hi @cedstrom, I saw that you have a support case open with us, and the support agent advised you on how to get Duo Single Sign-On for Microsoft 365 using GoDaddy to work. Did that solution work for you?

For anyone else reading, some customers have successfully set up Duo with GoDaddy. If during the setup process, you see the Duo SSO error “Email domain @mycompany.com is not permitted for login. Please contact your administrator for assistance”, please make sure that you include @ symbol.
Please note that when you create a DNS TXT record for your domain, many domain registrators allow you to signify this by using the @ symbol. Not using the @ symbol is the most common reason that the email domain is unable to be verified while configuring the authentication source for Duo SSO.
If you are authenticating using a subdomain of an already registered root domain, please create a TXT record pointing to the subdomain with your domain registrar.