Lost trying to setup Duo App


I used the Duo app years ago when testing Duo Free version. I’m logged into the Duo website as the admin.

I’m trying to activate my new phone. I deleted the phone that was in there. Added a phone. Clicked the link to activate.

Whether i try sending code via email or sms, after clicking link or scanning qr code on my phone, the app comes up with a passcode.

OK, now what am i supposed to do? I can copy the code, or refresh to get a new code. What’s the next step?

Hi @chris2, what application are you using Duo Mobile as an authenticator for? It sounds from what you have said here like you successfully activated Duo Mobile for your new device. You can verify for sure by referring to one of our end-user guides here: Android activation instructions or iOS activation instructions.

You can use the passcode as a second factor to log in to an account. So for example, if you protected an email account with Duo, you could log in to your email with your username and password, and when prompted, use the passcode in Duo Mobile to authenticate and gain access to that account.

The next step would be protecting any additional applications you want to use with Duo Mobile from the admin panel. Please check out our Getting Started with Duo guide and Protecting Applications documentation for more.

For example, when trying to login to the Duo Admin site, at “confirm your identity”, i try Duo Push, which does not trigger the app. When i open the app, it has a passcode which i enter in the site, but it always results in bad password. I then use sms to get in which works.

I’m missing something critical, but no idea what it is. My user seems to be setup properly in the admin panel with the correct phone # and email address. The phone details say “last seen 8 minutes ago”, Using Duo Mobile 4.17.0. I turned off wifi since i am at work and am connecting to internet with data, to rule out corporate network blocking something. The app just seems dead. I must have deleted and tried re-activating 10 times with the same result.

OK the app seems to be working for securing login on a test windows 10 box. The app notified me and i approved.

Ah ok thank you for following up to clarify + provide more info!

Activating Duo Push for an admin account is done separately from regular account activation. Please take a look and follow the steps here to use Duo Push for Administrator authentication. Let me know if that works, or if you need some additional help.

Perfect! Thanks very much. I now have my DuoFree and DuoFree Admin accounts setup on the app.

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