Looking for detailed setup instructions

HI, Thanks for reading my post. I am looking for a detailed instructions step by step to setup due for azure authentication. Could someone point me in the right direction?

I am setting up my Authentication source, Tenant ID / Client ID and the Key, just need to figure out how to to this. and my next steps to get this activated for a few test staff for O365 access.


Duo offers a few options for protecting Office365/Azure access.

The Duo custom control for Azure conditional access applies MFA to native Azure/O365 users.

You could also federate your Azure tenant with an external SAML identity provider. The most common ones we see are the Duo Access Gateway and Microsoft AD FS. Learn more about federated logins for Office 365/Azure in our Office 365 documentation.

Thank you Kristina, Let me review the information and then i can make an educated decision on how we want to set it up. Appreciate the quick response too A+++