Logs by Alias User Names


I think I could not find it so thought to ask in forum.

We have 5 to 8 different applications where each of them are having different user names. So I added aliases for users and Duo is working perfectly fine.

However I would like to know how can I see which Alias user name has been authenticated by Duo. Currently in admin panel it is only showing primary Username log entries.

Is there any way where we can see Alias usernames in logs?

Hi @alwaysk2 , thank you for joining the Duo Community!

You can find all of the aliases associated with each user by navigating to Users on the left sidebar of the Duo admin panel and selecting the user in question. Clicking on the user’s name will show you all details associated with that user, including all of their registered aliases. Please note that each user can have a maximum of 8 aliases.

For more info on username aliases, check out our documentation on managing users and this guide to configuring username aliases.



If you are looking to see what alias the user used to login on the auth logs, Duo does not currently have this capability. The auth logs will show the official username, not the specific alias used to log in. You can request that this feature be added by following the directions in this help article.