Login Failure Rate

Was adding some new users to DUO and ran my authentication failure report and found it to be close to 50%. This seems inordinately high, and I was wondering what % others are seeing?

To be sure, we’re still implementing DUO adding new users and applications on an ongoing basis, but it does seem like a lot.

Hi @lkeyes ,

In working with various Duo customers, failure rates tends to vary depending on the application the users are logging into as well as the authentication method being used.

Is there a common theme/reason associated with said failures? Determining this via the Authentication Log’s Result column may shed some light on the reason why there are so many failures.

Guide to reading the Authentication Log report in the Duo Admin Panel

Hope this helps!

try to see if the users are using features like Do Not Disturb.
Normally it show as “no response” in authentication logs

IF not disturb is selected the notification don’t appear , the user mas launch duo on device and accept the push.

Normally this happens after working hours or early in the morning.


Hm… now that’s something I hadn’t considered. I note with a number of users their failed logins are indeed during the night, or early morning. In particular if they don’t log out of our VPN, then the VPN back-end server will log them out after some hours of inactivity. Once the connection is broken the VPN client on their user’s laptop will attempt to reconnect 10 times, at 1 minute intervals. At 10 failures, Duo will lock them out for 55 minutes or so, then unlock them.

I was thinking the users would be complaining about seeing multiple pushes to their phones, but if they have turned them off or placed them on “Do Not Disturb”, then of course they wouldn’t see the pushes. Thanks for the suggestion.

Excellent suggestion, @paulorosa !

Also, take a look at our guide regarding Troubleshooting Duo Push notification issues on iOS devices