Login Authentication CentOS7

I have set up pam duo for CentOS7 but can’t figure out how to authenticate users when they log in. Currently, it’ll only push a 2FA notification to my device when I perform sudo commands. I would like to authenticate user login and sudo commands.

I have followed these instructions from this link: https://help.duo.com/s/article/2231?language=en_US

I am able to authenticate user login for Ubuntu.

Any ideas of where/how I can enable this feature for CentOS7?

Hi @skylin3r92, welcome to the Duo Community! It’s hard to say where you went wrong without looking at your configuration (and that should not be shared in the Duo Community just FYI!). Your best bet for assistance with this is to contact our Duo Support team. However, I’ll also try to share some resources here that may help get you on the right track in the meantime.

The instructions you linked to are for enabling pam_duo to use passwords instead of pubkey authentication. Our documentation has instructions for CentOS specifically under Install from Linux Packages. Did you refer to those when setting this up? If not, please have a look and ensure you followed the correct process.

We also have a video example that walks you through installing Duo two-factor authentication for Unix with pam_duo on a CentOS7 system.

Finally, there’s an example I found on a Duo Partner’s website that may be useful in providing further guidance.

Thank you Amy for the link. It seems that the link you gave from a Duo Partner’s website worked!

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Awesome, I’m glad to hear that worked for you!