login attempts when unlocking a laptop via mobile internet

Dear people,

I have installed duo at a customer which works fine with a push notification when the customer is connected to WIFI. However, when the customer is connected to mobile internet via 4ghz, the customer only has the option to log in with a code. by default he then has 10 attempts. I want to increase this number to 25. I have already adjusted this in the portal, but the number of login attempts remains stuck at 10. My question is how do I change this?

Hi @Michael-Klooster, and welcome! Thank you for sharing your question here. I have a couple of questions for you just to confirm. It sounds like you might be using Duo Authentication for Windows Logon, is that right? Also, you mention you are doing this for a customer. Are you an MSP?

It seems from what you have written here that you have taken the right steps to change the attempt limit. Check the steps in our documentation for Offline Access Configuration to confirm. I think your best bet is to open a case with Duo Support for assistance.