Logging in site php log

Duo for Wordpress appears to use the site php log for routine logging. This activity is getting picked up by security software as suspect activity. Is there a way to configure Duo to use its own log for routine logging?

Hi AvalonPhil, Welcome to the Duo Community.

While this feature is not something that’s currently available, I recommend you reach out to Duo Support to create a feature request.

The best way to be updated on the delivery of any feature is to subscribe to our Release Notes in the Community! Here’s how to do that:

Thanks for your input and for helping make Duo better!

Thanks for letting me know. My dashboard says I need to upgrade if I want to contact support and let them know the plugin is misbehaving. Perhaps there is some other way for you to let them know?

Hi AvalonPhil,
I’ve gone ahead and created a feature request for this. As @raphka mentioned, we don’t have current plans to make any adjustments, but we’ll evaluate the lift and priority as we get closer to the end of this quarter.

Thanks Ben.
I’ll keep an eye out for the update.