Locked out of Duo admin portal

I tried to move my Duo verification from my iPhone to a new Android phone. I activated the new Android phone via the admin portal, but when I tried it by relogging, the Duo Push went to the old iPhone. I thought (incorrectly I suppose) that the push would route properly if I deleted the admin account from my iPhone. Now Duo will not let me sign in, and codes do not work. I only see an error that reports “No 2FA methods are available. Please contact your account owner.” I am the account owner. What should I do?

Sorry to hear you’re having issues logging in to your Duo Admin Panel. Please contact Duo Support to recover access.

EDIT: I read your question again, and I guess it’s not clear to me whether you are talking about your Duo admin login not having a 2FA option, or your Duo end-user account. I suggest you try reactivating your Android phone for the end user account again, if that’s your actual issue (and not logging in to the Admin Panel).

Takeaway: If you are both the Duo admin and the Duo end-user, you likely have two accounts activated in Duo Mobile (one for each of your user contexts), and need to reactivate both on your new Android phone.

Activate phone for a user
Activate phone for an admin


Thank you. My problem is signing into the Duo Admin Panel. I am both the Duo admin and the Duo end-user. I don’t know how to reactivate my phone for the Admin Panel if I cannot first log in to the Duo Admin Panel. The Panel asks for my email and password as usual, then says that I have no 2FA methods. As far as I understand, I cannot activate a 2FA method if I cannot first log in… and now I cannot log in without a 2FA method.

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Email support helped me get back in. Thanks, y’all!

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