List users for all Child accounts via Accounts API

We are trying to list the users from all of our Child accounts using the Accounts API. The documentation is very sparse for accessing child accounts, it just says to use the Accounts API and append account_id=[enter the accountid] to the end of an API call. However, it isn’t working. I’ve tried using both the Accounts API keypair or the Admin api keypair, but both respond with an error that the signature is wrong. When making requests without the account_id, it works just fine.

Has anyone had experience with accessing child accounts programmatically?

We are using PowerShell for our API calls, but I can parse through Python or Perl if you have examples.

Like this…

  1. Create the Accounts API integration in the parent.
  2. Find the target child’s account ID with a post to /accounts/v1/accounts/list (or poke around in the Admin Panel > Accounts page)
  3. the admin api GET request is like and uses the ikey/skey from the Accounts API integration created in step 1.
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