Linux Offline Duo Authen

I have submitted a couple feature requests for Offline Authentication for Unix but it would seem that after 4 months, no plan to implement this feature is in sight. It’s to the point where I may have to start looking at other 2FA providers. This is very unfortunate because up until this point, I have had very minimal issues with Duo and I have also received very good support back when I was doing an 802.1x deployment.

Am I the only person who is looking for this feature? Surely there are other Linux heavy environments out there that would LOVE to have this feature. If you also have a need for this feature, I would suggest that you also submit a feature request via Duo’s support system.

Even an answer like, “We plan to implement this feature some time in 2023,” would be more than enough for me.

Yes please implement duo offline auth for Linux and Mac.