Linux - Get Push Notification Twice on Login


I have successfully secured my linux Server with Duo - Raspbian (Debian) on a Raspberry Pi - Awesome Stuff :slight_smile:

works 100% using “interactive keyboard” = Password on SSH login plus Push as Second Factor , however i get the Duo Push Twice when SSH’ing in …

After the second push is accepted i do get logged in … so Duo is functioning

Any idea How to fix the “Dual Push” issue ??



Hi Greg!
One common issue that we see that causes this to happen is accidentally calling the module twice in your pam_stacks.

The docs refer to two stacks
/etc/pam.d/common-auth or /etc/pam.d/system-auth (I can’t remember which it is on raspbian)

You’ll want to double check that you don’t have in both of those files, but only in one.

This can be a lot easier to debug with logs and config files so if you still can’t figure this out definitely reach out to Support | Duo Security and we’ll get you taken care of!


Great thanks - got it working

i had two statements , removed it from common-auth and its working now