Limited Group to Office 365 and Duo 2FA

Hi Guys,

One Customer want to try Duo 2FA for Office 365 but the first step is only for few users.

Can we do that only for limited group and after all the user when the documentation is ready for the end-users.


Hi @jeff.landry,

There are a few different ways to protect Office 365 with Duo. One is by using Duo with Azure Conditional Access if they have P1 licensing. This one you can control user by user based on the conditional access setting.

If you’re planning to use SAML via the Duo Access Gateway unfortunately Microsoft does this as an “all or nothing” configuration because it federates the entire domain within the Azure tenant.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks That help me a lot. For this POC i will ask the customer to buy Azure Directory P1 for this test Thanks !!

You could assign the users a seldom-used domain name and federate that domain name only.