Level Up-date: New improvements to Policy & Access Control for Everyone

Policy & Access Control for Everyone has always been one of our most popular courses, but since it was literally the first our team ever made back in 2019, it was due for an update! The course now features:

  • New technical video demo showing several new example policy configurations (shoutout to @CodyG !)
  • New illustrations for each of the policies in the course
  • More information on the differences between New User and Authentication policy
  • Mini-knowledge checks on each of the five policies covered in the course
  • A very important dog

Policies are essential to managing a Duo deployment, but they can also be really confusing sometimes (even for me, and I wrote the course!). We hope this new update gives you even more knowledge on how to use policies to control how end-users enroll in Duo, customize how end-users experience authentication, and introduce new policies that improve your security posture.

You can register for the course on Level Up Policy & Access Control for Everyone or on MSP Level Up!

If you have feedback on the course or have more questions on policies, share your thoughts in the comments below :slight_smile:

Enjoy the course!