Level Up-date: Certification, swag, and course enhancements [Feb 2020]

Hello all!

Wow, we are now up to 206!!! participants in the Level Up Beta! Thank you all so much for your participation and feedback. We’ve been hard at work making improvements to Level Up before we launch the platform to all Duo administrators later this year. I’m excited to share a few of the things we’ve been working on with you:

Become a Duo-Certified Help Desk Administrator

You can now be recognized as an official Duo-Certified Help Desk Administrator! Upon completing the Fast Track course series, you now have the option to take a certification exam. After successfully passing the exam, you can add your certification to your LinkedIn profile.

You will also receive a badge here on the community recognizing your newly attained certification! If you did not receive the badge and you’ve passed certification, you can request one from us here.

Even if you’ve passed the courses already, we encourage you to go back and check out the changes we’ve made. You’ll notice some improvements to help ensure you’re prepared with everything you need to pass the exam prior to taking it.

Beta participants can get started at levelup.duo.com/series/helpdesk

Earn some Level Up swag

Ready to put your Duo skills to the test? Amy and I will send some sweet, sweet Level Up swag to Duo Community members that pass the Help Desk Certification Exam before Friday, March 20th. You must be participating in the Level Up Beta Program and a Duo Community member to be eligible. If you don’t have an account or access code for Level Up, you can sign up to get one here.

Other Improvements

Thank you to everyone who voiced their feedback on the issues below!

  • Course feedback is now a separate, optional module
  • Wistia videos no longer start muted
  • Final page of each course in the Fast Track continues to the next course
  • Help Desk Fast Track courses include summary pages with a course overview, helpful vocabulary, and links to resources.
  • Help Desk: Support Success includes a video about Help Desk Push

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far.