Lastpass - Missing Fields in Setup


When I try to setup DUO in LastPass the form is missing the Integration Key, Secret Key and API Hostname fields. I’ve tried completing the wizard without the fields but I get the pairing popup and nothing happens. Any ideas on how to get around the issue?




Does the LastPass Ui you’re in look like the one shown here:

Or, is it different? If so, what kind of LastPass plan do you have, and where did you navigate to configure Duo?



I have the Free plan and it does not look like the screen shot in the link. It is missing the secret fields and the API host field. However, I was able to get around this by exporting all of my info from LastPass and I created a new free account that allowed me to setup DUO. At one time my original LastPass account was an Enterprise version that I let expire and downgraded to the free version. I saw another post in the forum where the user had to do the same by creating a new LastPass account.



I contacted LastPass asking which plans include Duo and was told all their plans support it, so I am not sure why you would not have seen the Duo config UI in your account.

I am glad you were able to set it up again though. Thanks for using Duo!



I submitted a ticket to LastPass support about the issue because I have read that others are having the exact same issue and the only resolution was to create another LastPass account. I sent them a screenshot from the old account.