Juniper SRX VPN using NCP client

Looking to setup MFA for Juniper SRX that uses the NCP-e client. NCP is the client for after Pulse Secure was spun of from Juniper Networks. I am thinking it should work if the Duo Proxi sends a push notification to users phone. I am just hoping this is not one of those corner case where it will not work.


Hi @kcraycraft1, welcome to the Community! You are correct. If the service or device is capable of using RADIUS or LDAP authentication protocol, then you can integrate it with Duo using our Duo Authentication Proxy server. It looks like Juniper SRX will support either RADIUS or LDAP, based on this thread from Reddit.

Some documentation that might help you are our Guide to the Duo Auth Proxy, as well as the Duo RADIUS and Duo LDAP reference docs.

Thanks for posting your question here! Let me know if you have any other questions, and I or someone else in the forum can follow up here :slight_smile: