Join the Duo beta for new F5 and Citrix integrations

Hello Duo Community,

My name is Ginger, and I’m part of the Duo Technology Partnerships team. I am excited to share that we are working with F5 and Citrix to integrate with Duo using our latest technologies, Web SDK 4 and Duo SSO, which will both support the Duo Universal Prompt once it’s released.

Soon you can easily utilize all the benefits of Duo’s secure modern access with F5 Access Policy Manager (APM). The F5 APM team has been instrumental in helping our product and engineering teams build the best Web SDK and incorporate OIDC standards. This integration is ready for beta testing. If you are an F5 APM customer and would like to test this with us, let us know and fill out this form.

We are working with Citrix to make it possible to use Duo to protect Citrix Workspace logins. This will be a completely cloud-hosted solution that our joint customers can use to easily configure Duo to protect access to Citrix Workspace. We are looking for beta testers. If you use Citrix Workspace and would like to test our upcoming Duo SSO integration with Citrix Workspace, please let us know by filling out this form.

We will be in touch soon with additional information and steps!

Thank you,

Duo Technology Partnerships Team

Hi Ginger.

Could we possibly get more details about what would be involved in beta testing, what the expectations would be, and how the MFA functionality would change for our users?

Very excited about this! We use both apps with Duo extensively and the current RADIUS proxy integration with Citrix is a big pain point for our users!

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Hello tdoan,

If you decide to participate in the private preview, we’ll have a call with Duo and F5 to help/walkthrough setting this up. The expectation is to give us feedback on the experience for end-users and administrators. Such as what worked well and what can be improved.

This is a tighter integration than the current RADIUS offering. This integration supports the Duo Universal Prompt. There will be changes in the UI that make Duo more accessible and allows for customization. Your users will still be able to use any of the MFA options Duo supports based on the policies their Admins have set.

Does this help answer your questions?

Thank you,

Duo Technology Partnerships Team

Thanks, that does help. Until what date do we have to participate in the private preview?

I don’t have a date when we expect to finish the private preview as it depends on customer participation and feedback. It will likely be open for a few months.

Sharing the newly posted F5 DevCentral content on setting up the new integration with Duo and F5 APM. Take a look and if you’d like to participate in our private preview and provide valuable feedback, let us know.

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How is this beta going? I would have liked to participate, but we don’t have a Citrix Test environment.