Is there an use case for DUO in a "non-smartphone (aka feature phone) environment

Hi All,

Have an opportunity to position Duo in a Business that has users (salesforce) using a mix of Smartphones and non-smartphones (dumb phones with just calls and sms capability).

Question: Is there a use case for DUO in a “non-smartphone” environment ? If yes, can you point me to any documentation on the “how-to-guide” in that regards ?

Thanks… Matt

Hi Matt,

Welcome to the Duo community! You ask a good question, and the answer is yes, there is a use case for Duo in a “non-smartphone” environment.

You have a variety of options when it comes to authenticating without the use of a smartphone: hardware tokens, SMS passcodes or phone call, biometrics, and U2F security keys.

This page is a good starting point to explore the different authentication methods. The managing 2FA devices documentation is also helpful here!

Many Thanks Amy. Much appreciated.

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