Is there a way to present the actual hostname/ip of a device in the push

Is there a way to present the actual hostname/ip of a device to the user in the DUO app instead of the name of the integration when using the authentication proxy?
The issue is that we have many devices that authenticate throught authproxies, but we cannot distinguish which device the push is for.


Do you mean that for a given integration (say RADIUS) you have one radius_server_x section defined with multiple radius_ip_x addresses defined, representing different devices sending authentication requests to Duo?

If so, there isn’t a way to surface which of multiple RADIUS clients of a single integration sent the incoming auth requests in the authentication request shown to the end user today. Please connect with your Duo account executive or customer success manager if your organication has one, or contact Duo Support, to submit this as a feature request.

If when you say “device” you mean the client system that is authenticating (like, the user’s workstation), if it is capable of sending its local IP as the calling_station_id then that gets reported to Duo and shows up in the authentication request sent to the user.