Is the Wordpress Plugin Still Supported?


Looks like it hasn’t been touched in about six months and the “current supported version” of WP is four dot releases behind what’s current. It stopped working for me a few months ago so I had to disable it.

Are there any prospects for getting caught up or is Duo depending on the community to maintain the plugin?


Hi Alec,

Our plugin is still very much supported for Wordpress 4.1 and newer. If you’d like to troubleshoot your issues with the plugin, please reference our Knowledge Base for self-service content or contact our Support Team. They would be happy to help with this.


I can only say that for me it works like a charm every day I use it — currently across three different sites, with as many different users, and using either an iPhone or an iPad to log in.


We’ve updated the Duo plugin page to reflect that we’ve tested with 4.9.1.