Is it possible to install Duo Mobile without the use of the Android Play Store?


Hey everyone.

I am working with someone who is overly cautious about computer security ever since they were hacked.

As I was setting up Duo Mobile for this person, I told her that we will need her to log into Play Store with her Google account. She says she does not have a Google account anymore and she does not want to sign up for it. Even after trying to convince her that we can just set up an account just for ‘downloading apps’ purpose.

Is there some sort of executable file I can insert into the Android phone to install the app? Or is the Play Store the only way?



Hi Alex,

The latest version of the Duo Mobile APK is available at: Please note that Duo Push notifications will need to be “fetched” by swiping down in the app if the device does not have Google Play Services.


Thanks Dooley!

What happens if Duo Mobile needs any updates? Does it do it on its own or do I need to install any patches from here on out?


When sideloading like that, patches will need to be installed manually. It will be that same link every time they need to update.


FYI this information is also now available as a public article in our Knowledge Base here:


Thanks Dooley!
Appreciate the very fast response time.