Is email a supported Duo 2FA method?


Does anyone know if I am able to have 2FA Duo codes sent to an email address?
I use a support vendor who has several staff members but they share a group email address.
Any ideas?



No, Duo doesn’t support emailed 2FA passcodes.

The biggest reason for this is that email isn’t that secure! Many security breaches start with email phishing to obtain credentials.

Another reason is that it could be easy for users to get stuck… what if you need 2FA to access your email but the 2FA code went to your email?

Is the use case that this group of vendor staff members log in using a shared set of primary credentials? You can attach multiple authenticators to one Duo users, so you could attach each person’s phone to the shared user account, or you could provide each of them with hardware tokens attached to the same Duo users.

I hope this helps. Thanks for trying Duo.