Is DuoLogSync still being developed and supported?

Is DuoLogSync (DLS) still being supported and developed?

There haven’t been any updates in 5 months, I’ve needed to install older versions of required Python modules because the latest versions weren’t supported, and the documentation on it is still very sparse. My implementation of it stalled because it’s erroring on “version” at the beginning of the config template, and that isn’t even user changeable!

It really feels like Duo threw DLS out there and then forgot about it.

Hi @Zoltan, thanks for your question and for your interest in Duo Log Sync! Yes, we still actively support Duo Log Sync. We are not adding new features currently however, as we are working on a more feature-rich SIEM integration that will be our long term solution. Duo Log Sync was never intended to be a feature-rich, long-term solution. The improved SIEM integration is currently estimated to arrive between July and September.

In the meantime, I recommend connecting with our Duo Support team to troubleshoot the issues you’re encountering. They may be able to recommend a workaround or solution until then.

That’s great to hear.

Any chance it’ll include native support for Secureworks’ XDR managed SIEM?

We don’t support any specific SIEM. Instead, we have made it so if the SIEM can ingest syslog or JSON, then DLS / future solutions should be able to send data to it :slight_smile: Hope that helps!