Is Duo SSO Beta?

Hi there, I’m a new customer and I need a DAG for g.suite and webex. We see that there is “single sign on” under “applications” in the admin portal, which is pending activation. This is for the cloud SSO portal. The link there points to here: Duo Single Sign-On - Beta | Duo Security
The above says that it’s Beta at the moment. Do you have an ETA when it is no longer in Beta? I’m a bit wary about going forward with it as it says Beta.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I use DAG, which is needed for SSO, and it’s not beta: Duo Access Gateway | Duo Security

Hey Tony_Pearce! Yes, currently Duo SSO (Duo-hosted SSO) is in a public beta. We plan to keep it in beta form for another few months and release the service to general availability in late Fall 2020*. I must add the * though as this is always subject to change as we continue down the development path.

We currently have a large number of customers using the beta service and many have deployed the service to their production, so I would encourage you to give it a try. Internally we are using the service for our production accounts and treat it as if it were a GA product.

BabbittJe is also correct that today we offer a fully on-premises SSO service, the Duo Access Gateway, which has been generally available for a few years.

Ah you’ve torn me, Chris! :slight_smile: Thank you so much Chris and Babbitje for the replies. I’ll think on this today over the morning coffee and make a decision. As Duo are using it I may go this path. If things go completely wrong and I get stuck am I able to obtain support for the SSO service in the same manner as DAG? I like the idea of the cloud SSO portal because then it’s a few less things that I need to manage (maintenance, high-availability just to name two).

Regarding DAG, I have a single DAG installed at the moment. I am not using paid for SSL certs. Instead, I am using ACME certs (automatic certs generated by Let’s Encrypt) and I am forwarding the traffic through to the DAG via a internet-facing SSL proxy. This is not in production at the moment, still going through testing. Have Duo considered this type of setup and can offer any guides or info on it? If not, would you consider supporting this? I ask especially since the DAG runs in Docker, I can forward traffic from the proxy internally within docker.