Iphone XR and duo

I upgraded my phone to Iphone XR and cannot access my work email anymore! It will say that it called my phone and the call was answered ! But I never received a call. Due push also does not work. Called IT at my company, but all is set on their site! How do I fix this?

Hi idawagter,

Sorry to hear that you’re having some difficulty accessing your work email. It sounds like you recently got a new device and possibly a new phone number.

Do you have access to your old device OR do you have the same phone number? If your company has enabled the self-service portal, you will be able to reactivate Duo Mobile by using the Duo Prompt.

If you have changed numbers and don’t have access to the old device, your IT team will need to send you a reactivation link.

More info on this issue can be found here.