IOS DUO App asking for Recovery Password creation every day

Almost every day I open the DUO IOS mobile app and it asks if I want to enable the third party recovery by setting a password. I set it and it shows that it is enabled then the next day it does it again. It is not every day but almost every day that this happens. Anyone else see this issue?

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Hi Jason, this sounds like a known issue that the team is investigating on iOS. Can you confirm which versions of iOS and the Duo Mobile app you are using?

In the meantime, we recommend the following workaround.
Reset the feature:

  1. Enable third-party restore in the settings of Duo Mobile. Set a password.
  2. Disable third-party restore. This will reset the feature, effectively cleaning up the state that’s causing the erroneous message.

Re-enable the feature for future use:

  1. Enable third-party restore in the settings of Duo Mobile and set a password. - This is now enabled for real, and this password should be remembered.
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I am having the same issue:

iOS 14.4.2 on an iPhone 12 Pro
DUO Mobile version

I have tried the workaround posted above and it does not work.

I can set a new password and within a few hours “Reconnect automatically” has been disabled and the app is prompting me to set it up.

Thanks for sharing @disneyd. We have been hearing from some users that the steps above do not work, as you’ve pointed out here. Just to confirm - did you toggle the feature on and off in the in-app settings? If you use the “enable” button shown in the prompt or toast that displays on the bottom of the screen, this workaround will not work.

Still, we have seen users who followed the steps to the letter (including toggling on and off in the in-app settings) and are still experiencing the issue. Our team is still investigating to find a solution. Thank you for your patience with this, as I know it must be frustrating. Please keep checking back and I’ll update the thread here as soon as we have a resolution.

Yes, I did follow the steps by toggling it on, then turning it off, then setting it back up. But it still turns itself off. I did not use the setup prompt on the last few attempts.


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Amy, it was happening on my iphone XR and now on my new 12 Pro Max on the last 2 IOS versions including the current which is 14.4.2. The DUO app version is


I have also tried a couple of times to toggle the third-party restore off then back on and then the next day when I open the app the first time the enable prompt is back.

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Ok thanks @disneyd and @jasonhand for confirming and providing that extra context for us. I’m sorry to hear that the workaround isn’t helping you. I will make sure the team knows.

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Hey everyone! Happy to share an update on this with you. The team believes they have identified the cause of the issue, and a fix is being rolled out in Duo Mobile version 3.54.0 :tada:
The latest version of Duo Mobile available today is 3.53.0 for context, so this should happen sometime in the next 2 weeks or so.

P.S. We will likely be communicating more info about this - including what steps, if any, you have to take - once the fix is rolled out and confirmed to work.

Thanks for the update.

This has started happening to me every time I use the app. I am on version on iOS 14.5.1.

The “Automatically reconnect your accounts” pop-up cannot be successfully dismissed. Tapping “Maybe later” results in it folding down and then popping right back up. I’ve tried dozens of times in a row and it won’t go away.

This has been going on for several days now and it’s seriously driving me crazy.

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! I can see how that would be a major annoyance and frustrating for you. I will take this back to our mobile team and do some investigation later today, then follow up with you. I assume you already tried reconnecting the accounts? Just want to be sure.

Thanks for including your specific version numbers, that is helpful to have.

I don’t need to reconnect anything at the moment—all accounts are working. It just really really wants me to set a recovery password and I’d prefer not to.

Huh interesting. That is good information to have. I’ll share it with the team and report back with what we find. Thanks!

Hi @lee , Following up on this - Unfortunately, you will have to reset the recovery password in order for the popup message to go away. There is a bug where, as you’ve noticed, the popup doesn’t handle the maybe later option very well if the device is in a particular state. It should not happen again after resetting the password.

P.S. Something I missed in my initial answer was that if you don’t want the recovery password enabled, you can then disable it again. This final enable + disable workflow will clear the popup and the app should function normally after this.