iOS 14.8 vs. 15 - asking to update

Hello! I have some users asking why they are being prompted to update from 14.8 if iOS 15 is considered optional (for the time being). We’ve asked most to at least update to 14.8 for the security vulnerabilities, but curious why 15 isn’t being pushed as hard (more of an Apple question rather than Duo). Will the prompt continue to display even is users have 14.8? Thanks!

Hi Tiffany, I think I understand your question but please correct me if I’m wrong.

It sounds like your users are seeing a prompt in the Security Checkup feature of Duo Mobile that their OS is out-of-date and they should update to iOS 15, despite iOS 14.8 still being supported. This occurs because Security Checkup currently only detects the latest OS available. It is not able to determine which is the latest OS available for that device, nor is the feature tied to Duo policy. So let’s say you have a policy in place that considers iOS 14.8 up-to-date, this would not affect the Security Checkup warning at all. Does that make sense?

The Duo Prompt will continue to display, because it is based on the policies you set as a Duo admin.

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why 15 isn’t being pushed as hard (more of an Apple question rather than Duo)

I can’t really answer that definitively, but here is an article I found speculating on this very thing Why doesn’t Apple want people to upgrade to iOS 15? - The Mac Security Blog