iOS 12.4.2 considered end of life?

With the release of iOS 13 I understand why iOS 12.4 is considered end of life by Duo. However, 12.4.2 was just released 8 days ago and many of our users are being blocked because it’s an “old version”.

When updating the Global Policy I noted that Android OS has 3 block options:
-if less than latest
-if not up-to-date
-if end-of-life

While iOS only has 2 block options:
-if less than latest
-if end-of-life

Why is that?

Hi KevinSiddique, we follow Apple’s guidance and infer from their previous actions regarding what is considered “end-of-life” (EOL). Generally, Apple has treated the previous major release as EOL once the new major release is out.

To give your users more time to upgrade, you can configure a grace period in the Operating Systems policy control section after selecting “Block versions” or “Encourage users to update”, as seen below:


I hope this helps!