Introducing MSP Level Up! MSP Onboarding and Go-to-Market courses now available

Howdy folks!

If you haven’t already heard, MSP Level Up is now available! This platform is designed specifically to help MSPs successfully deploy, support, and sell Duo, and features our first MSP-specific courses:

  • MSP Onboarding introduces you to the Duo MSP Program and key Admin Panel features specific to MSPs, like switching between accounts.

  • Go-to-Market for MSPs was released just this afternoon, and gives you strategies on how to sell Duo successfully.

The online courses are completely free, which also includes certification programs based on your role in supporting Duo in your organization. After successfully completing all courses in a learning path and completing a final exam, you can even add your certification to LinkedIn!

  • Duo Help Desk Fast Track certification is designed to prepare Help Desk and User Manager role administrators for all the questions that may arise while providing end-user support.

  • Admin Panel Essentials dives deeper in the Admin Panel to help Owner, Administrator, and Application Manager role administrators secure applications, enroll users, and construct adaptive access policies to better secure your customer’s environments.

MSP Level Up FAQ

What’s the difference between MSP Level Up and the Level Up beta program?

Duo Level Up ( is our general customer learning platform, whereas MSP Level Up ( is exclusively for MSPs. The courses on both sites are exactly the same, except that MSP specific courses are only available on

How much does the program cost?

As part of our mission to democratize security, all courses on Level Up and MSP Level Up are free and available to those with access to the Duo Admin Panel and at least a Duo Free subscription. We want all of our administrators to be as successful as possible with their Duo deployments and have no plans to charge for this service, even when it is generally available to all customers.

Is certification required?

No, certification is free and available to all interested, but is not a requirement.

I participated in the Level Up Beta Program already, does my course progress transfer?

Yes! As a current Beta customer of Duo Level Up, when you register for the Duo MSP Level Up domain, all of your completed courses and certifications will transfer. We encourage you to use to access your courses going forward.

How do I sign up for MSP Level Up at

To access Duo MSP Level Up, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to (you will use this domain moving forward)
  2. Select Sign Up and enter access code easy2manage
  3. Sign up using the same email address you use to access the Duo Admin Panel at

How can I get my help desk or other administrators access to MSP Level Up?

We absolutely encourage you to invite your help desk personnel and other support staff to join, as long as they are approved contacts on your account. All participants may use the same access code of easy2manage.

I got an email about this, but when I tried to sign up it said my Access Code was invalid.

That was an error on our part; in the original announcement, the hyperlink text for “” directed users to the wrong destination. A corrected email was sent out several hours after the initial announcement. I apologize for for the mistake and the inconvenience that caused! If you navigate to, click the Sign Up tab, and use the easy2manage access code, you should be able to register successfully.

I want to share feedback and ideas for future MSP Level Up content. How can I do that?

We love feedback! Please feel free to discuss MSP Level Up here on the Managed Service Provider forum, and share your comments with us in the “Share Feedback” modules included near the end of each course. If you’d like to meet with our team and discuss further, feel free to DM me here on the Community, or contact Level Up support at

Let us know what you think in the comments below and enjoy the courses! :slight_smile: