Integrating DUO Web V2 SDK (MFA) with SharePoint On-Premise version

Hi All,

I am trying to integrate DUO Web V2 SDK to our existing Sharepoint based login Page. The page is developed as a custom module using Microsoft Membership Provider.

In order to do this, I followed the DUO library . I have integrated DUO UI by adding the below code segment as the documentation.

‘host’: ‘host’,
‘sig_request’: ‘sig_request’,
‘post_action’: ‘Landing.aspx?pages=1’

For the post_action I called the same page with an additional parameter to recognize the Postback is from DUO. Even though it gets called as a post_back, the sender or the e object does not contain the response from DUO.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

Additionally, As I saw most of the articles, the post _action mentions a URI (Method endpoint) which defines in MVC. But in our case we don’t use MVC and we use SharePoint server-side web part which uses

Could any one help me to resolve this?

Thank you.